By means of Rapid Prototyping it is possible to start producing items in a few hours, even with complex geometries, starting directly from the mathematical model created on a three-dimensional CAD system (STL).

The prototype thus produced allows the client to analyse in detail and appreciate the geometrical features of the model, as well as the shapes and all the other decisive characteristics as regards the feasibility of the finished product, without yet having planned and started production.

With the rapid prototyping service, Safe Tech makes models with a high surface quality, seeking and developing innovative materials, with excellent reproduction of details and with functional characteristics similar to those of the final material.

Thanks to the applied technologies, this production method proves to be a valid support for planning the marketing and for the technical development of the project.

By means of 3D System SLS technology, sections with specific geometries are reproduced by the laser beam on thin lengths of powdered material that acts as a support structure and allows the creation of details without limits of complexity.

The principal materials used for prototyping are Duraform (Nylon), with good characteristics of flexibility and elasticity, ideal for making functional prototypes, obtained directly by sintering, and Duraform Flex, an elastomer obtained directly by sintering (available in various colours).

We also develop specific solutions for particular requirements.