Safe Tech offers a support and assistance service for the production of all the technical documentation necessary for obtaining conformity certificates, working alongside the client during all stages and acting as single interlocutor with the certifying body, thanks to their excellent knowledge of the certification of impact protections for dynamic sports.

What is CE Certification?
It is the obligatory certification for the community market, to ensure that certain products, for which there is a European Directive, can be put on sale.
The CE approval certificate is the document issued by a European Notified Body that certifies that a product complies with the essential health and safety requirements of the respective Directive.
The requirements are verified by means of tests on the product (CE type examination) and the control of all the technical documentation that is produced and submitted by Safe Tech, including information for the user and CE marking.

How it is obtained
CE Certification is obtained after all the tests contemplated by any existing reference standard have been passed, and the respective technical documentation produced has been approved. After evaluation of the results, the certifying body issues the Approval Certificate, accompanied by all the specifications required by the law.

How long does it take
The time needed to obtain CE Certification depends both on the type of test to be performed (on the type/number of products, bases, variants, sizes), and on the number of tests to be performed; but it also depends on the checking of the documentation, which is closely connected to its completeness and correctness.